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Resiblock Resimac
Best Restoration Award 2020

We are delighted to have won this award.
The customer was going to replace the driveway at a cost of over £7,000 as they believed it was beyond repair. 

We firstly cleaned the area with our professional cleaning equipment and repaired cracks and holes before applying Resimac tarmac restorer. The process took 2 days to complete and the results speak for themselves.

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Tarmac Crack and hole Repairs
and protective sealing 

We Transform the appearance of any existing Tarmac Driveway. Avoids the need for expensive replacement.

We can re-colour any driveway, car park or asphalt surface, without changing the texture of the surface. 
With use and the effect of the sun, the surface of a tarmac driveway will deteriorate and fade over time.  Natural resins in tarmac tend to dry out which makes the surface more brittle, allowing cracks to form.  But if the surface of your tarmac driveway or footpath is relatively sound, without severe cracks or pot holes it can be restored back to a more attractive and consistent colour.

The coating rejuvenates and seals the tarmac by soaking into the surface and replacing the resins lost from exposure to the elements. This is in contrast to low quality tarmac paints that sit on the surface of the tarmac and provide only a temporary solution.

We provide a quality tarmac repair coating that can make old tarmac surfaces look like new.  Here are some of the areas we cover for our Tarmac repair and restoration service.

Below are just some of the benefits our
tarmac restoration service offers

  • Reduces tarmac stone loss and increases the life span of the tarmac driveway
  • Transform the appearance of any existing tarmac  
  • Resists fungicidal and algae growth
  • Re-creates original colour of tarmac
  • Avoids the need for an expensive replacement
  • Long term protection
  • Reduces future tarmac repairs
  • Covers unsightly marks & oil stains
Resiblock driveway Sealer Stourport

PaveCare are RESIBLOCK Registered Contractors

PaveCare are the award winning company to be presented with - Resiblock Best Resimac Installation 2020. (See here)