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Driveway Cleaning & Sealing FAQ's

We are able to pressure clean pretty much anything. We specialise in driveways, patios & decking but we can also clean brickwork, pathways, and fences.

We can clean any kind of drive, whether it’s block, crazy, natural, concrete, tarmac or good old slab paving. The price is the only thing that may differ between types of driveway, as some are more labour intensive.  

There are many factors to take into account whilst quoting for a job, drainage, what type of surface it is, whether or not it needs any treatments before jet washing etc. However a minimum charge of £65 is standard for all jobs.

This is dependant on the type of surface and will determine how difficult it will be to get out.
Natural stone is quite porous and will absorb the oil much quicker than block paving.

It’s impossible to provide a guarantee against weeds, due to the nature of certain paving, and the environment. Weeds will appear wherever there is a suitable area to grow in.

We highly recommend to get the driveway sealed with a good quality sealer which will solidify the sand between the paving joints and will help to prevent weed growth and will protect your driveway from UV deterioration. 

Yes we do require a water feed from your property, We do carry a water tank on our van but will require a feed for most jobs. This would need to be from an outside located either at the front or rear of the property. 

No we don't require an electric feed to our equipment as it runs on fuel.

Premium quality sealers typically last for 5 years, even longer if it's used on an area with little vehicle traffic.

No, all we need is access to an external tap and away we go.

Yes we work Residential, Commercial or industrial