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Kidderminster Driveway
Cleaning Services 

We Restore Block Paving, Imprinted
Concrete & Tarmac Driveways

PaveCare offer a professional Driveway cleaning and sealing service for Kidderminster and surrounding areas

Kidderminster Driveway Cleaners

A driveway that is unprotected and isn’t maintained correctly will quickly become vulnerable to weed growth, moss & algae due to the UK Climate.. 
We clean and restore all types of driveways from Block paving, imprinted concrete, tarmac and crazy paving to an as new condition.

We have some smart software to measure driveways without having to visit your home - Saving you time, no more waiting in for an appointment just to receive a quote.
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FSC Flat Surface Cleaning Equipment

We use professional BE Whirlaway rotary surface cleaners which give a uniformed clean.
The surface cleaner has high pressure jets and the water creates a cleaning and scrubbing effect on the paving, removing the dirt and grime. And because the water jets are contained in the head of the cleaner you do not get any spraying out of the dirty water.

Driveway Cleaning Kidderminster
Driveway cleaners in Kidderminster
Kidderminster driveway cleaners
Driveway Re-Sanding

Once the driveway has been cleaned and has dried out we sweep kiln dried sand back into the joints of the block paving which will replace the sand that has been lost during the cleaning process. 

Driveway Oil Stain Removal

During the driveway cleaning process we can apply specialist oil stain treatments. Generally most oil and grease stains disappear after a standard clean from paving.  We only apply treatments to stubborn stains that won't budge.

Block Paving Sealers

PaveCare provide and install protective sealers for block paving and concrete driveways. This is the best solution to protect the paving from deterioration.  The sealer will solidify the sand between the joints of block paving and will help prevent weed growth as well as enhance the look.  
The sealers we supply conform to BS5750 /ISO9001 standards.

Resiblock driveway Sealer Stourport

PaveCare are RESIBLOCK Registered Contractors

PaveCare are the award winning company to be presented with - Resiblock Best Resimac Installation 2020. (See here)